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School Rules & Regulations

School Dress/School Uniform…….

The school provides all uniform for the students.The school uniform shall be worn in the school premises during school hours (7.30 am – 2.00 pm) and when attending lectures, debates, drama and cultural activities.

General behaviour….

All students are expected to abide by a code of conduct/behaviour similar to that obtains in a family that emphasizes discipline, courtesy, politeness, respect for parents and elders.Students  must move smartly and quietly about the building and school compound.

  1. Students must be punctual at morning Assemblies, Classes, Games and all other activities.
  2. Morning Assemblies at 7.45 am are compulsory for all students
  3. No student should Loiter or make unnecessary noise when lessons are on in classes. They are expected to remain quiet in their classes as failure to do so shall attracts immediate punishment.
  4. Students must use/handle school properties with care. Any willful or careless damage to any of our school properties will be punished by fines replacements of both by the student or group of students concerned.
  5. No student should take home any school property without due permission from the school authority.
  6. All cases of cheating, insubordination, stealing, breaking bounds and disrespect to constituted authority, examination malpractice, late resumption, extortion, bullying, fighting and dogging school activities are punishable offenses that can lead to immediate suspension or expulsion.
  7. Every student must obey the school bell and be at the right place at the appropriate time.
  8. The dormitory is out of bounds to students during classes, prep periods and other activities outside the dormitories.
  9. No student must leave the school compound during the term without permission from the school authority.
  10. The school will not tolerate stealing, cursing and being destructive, tardiness, cheating, truancy, lying, pride and indecency.
  11. Parents are however expected to support the school in ensuring that their daughter/ward accept the authority of the school and abide by the rules. although the school is very firm on discipline, it is very conscious of its responsibility to act as a good parent. The school shall respect human rights, justice and fair play in the discipline of the students.

Rev. Sister J. Ewuruigwe

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