The history of the school began in 1989 at Ubiaja Edo State when at the National convention the then Executive led by Lady Felicia Odu Came up with the idea of execute a befitting national project of appreciable magnitude in any part of the country wherever land was made available to the Association. The idea was that the project would serve humanity and at the same time extol Catholic Principles as well.

St. Mulumba girls’ Secondary School Benin City began effectively on 8th October 2006 with its first set of 18 Pioneer students and a respectable array of teachers including the Acting Principal, Mrs. E. Osanyade who took up appointment in the school as its Pioneer staff. This take off was as it were the starting block of a sure firm and substantial foundation for this generation and generation yet to come. It was assumed that a catholic boarding school would be ideal to meet the expectations of parents.

The foundation stone of the school was laid during the Presidency of Mrs. Val Okaru in 2001 and was formally commissioned during the presidency of Dame Esther Aibangbe in 2008.

The Noble vice President Lady Felicia Ofoegbu and a team of some Ladies of St. Mulumba.Supervised the beginnings and foundation of the school. Also a team of Engineers, Architects and builders of the knights of St. Mulumba led by Engineer John Uddoh dedicated their time and energy to build the first phase of the school. St. Mulumba was officially dedicated on the 26th April 2008 and for the take off, the school had one hostel block and a classroom later another block of hostels, classroom blocks and offices were added as the school’s population increased.

The school has a kitchen, science block computer and home economics laboratories, water bole-hole, standby generator and a small chapel to mention only a few.

With the high level of academic achievement and good boarding facilities cum Missionary discipline SMGSS, Benin City is one of the most sought-after secondary schools in Edo state.

The school graduated it first set of students in 2010/2011 session with 100% pass and one of its students recorded the second best overall in the west African School Certificate Examination in Edo-State.

St. Mulumba Girls’ Secondary School is an all female catholic boarding school billed to propagate highly qualitative education of comprehensive nature for girls.

It is a secondary institution guided by Christian principle towards personal actualization and so becomes a formidable preparatory ground for further education. The Ladies of St. Mulumba recognizes that educating girls of the single most effective means of improving their status in the society therefore, the original philosophy of the school was to train female youths as guided by the doctrines of the catholic faith and to empower them to become worthy in character and learning as so raise future leaders, mothers and religious for services of our country, Nigeria. The school is an important milestone and accomplishment in the Annals of the Ladies of St. Mulumba, Nigeria. It has also recorded 100% in the 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 West African Examination, and other numerous achievements in sports, competitions of different kinds in the state and National levels.

Presently for continuity, the Noble President Chief Lady Ngor Patricia Nwachukwu JP, and her team handed over the administration of the school to the catholic Archdiocese of Benin City, under the services of the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus congregation, (H.H.C.J)

The sisters arrived on the 16th September, 2012 and since then the school has witnessed tremendous changes and innovations. The sisters are creative, dynamic and firm.

In collaboration with the catholic Archdiocese of Benin, the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus sisters are to serve humanity and to build a better nation by training the girl child.

“If you train a girl child you train the world”. The foundress of the Handmaids of the Holy Child Jesus is Mother Mary Charles Magdalene Walker an Irish sister of charity. Now known as Religious sisters of charity. The congregation began in 1931.She was a woman of faith who depended on the divine providence of God and was loved by all who came in contact with her. The National president, Ladies of St. Mulumba, chief Lady Patricia Ngor Nwachukwu, is a gem, a woman of vision and high sense of discipline, she also came in contact with the Handmaids early in life and she is a role model today. Mother Mary Charles Walker came to help in the work of Evangelization and most especially in the area of women’s education. The Congregation was canonically erected in April 1937 through Bishop James Moynah SPS the prefect of Calabar prefecture while the society of Holy Child Jesus guided the formation and growth of the young congregation.

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